Families with history and
the drive to establish a legacy

Thanks to a decades-long ability to sustain their success and asset soundness, certain families have acquired an intergenerational awareness that enables them to understand the importance of keeping their legacy and identity relevant. For such families, BY Partners provides refined resources that will allow a restructuring of their assets in line with the current times, and prepare an appropriate approach to face the challenges an ever-changing, dynamic and complex world presents.

Families with entrepreneurial spirit
and the will to succeed

Dare, grow, achieve success and sustain it, and then repeat this recipe: many families have cultivated an unparalleled entrepreneurial spirit. To them, BY Partners offers tailored support, both in elaborating or redesigning their strategic plans for their assets, and in finding new investment, financing or strategic alliances opportunities to expand their businesses.

Families with talent and
a desire to surpass themselves

There are times when talent—whether cultural, artistic or in sports—opens the door to amazing advancement opportunities for an individual and their family. In order to safeguard the fruits of their labor and secure their well-being for decades to come, BY Partners provides dedicated and integral consulting services, meant to strengthen and expand their new status through wealth planning on one hand, and diversifying and adding new investments on the other.

Our Services


To secure the relevance
of your legacy.


To guide the decisions
that will define your future.


To strengthen
the pillar of your prosperity.

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