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to meet the most
stringent demands.

We have been advising some of the wealthiest families in Argentina for over two decades. During this time, we have cultivated a sense of circumspection, we have developed more insight and have applied the tact required to get to know a family in depth. Only then can we understand their aspirations and motivations, which is indispensable to generate solutions that are creative and profitable, as well as satisfactory for every client and their loved ones.

Guaranteeing your asset profitability and the well-being of future generations requires a long-term view.

At BY Partners we develop asset management and financial strategies designed to yield consistent and sustainable results.

We work closely with each family to elaborate a customised proposal. That is why we help them establish family goals and design a long-term strategic plan that ensures the predictability necessary to protect and expand their wealth, while facilitating an organised transfer to the next generation.

· Based on our knowledge about the expectations, strategy and risk profile of each family, we help determine the assets that should be a part of their estate.
· We prioritise the family dynamics when guiding our clients in making business decisions. To this end, we present various types of assets and businesses for them to invest in, and we work dedicatedly in their implementation and acquisition.
·We strive to maintain the right balance between the income a family generates and the expenses they need to secure their long-term prosperity.
· We articulate meeting the objectives and goals set by the family to manage their assets, with the objectives of their businesses/companies.
· We participate in the boards of the family-owned companies to make sure that their corporate strategies are aligned with the entire asset management strategy of said family.


We believe that anticipating estate matters is the best way to preserve family harmony, as having a work plan not only provides certainty about the future and reduces the chances of tension and disagreements, but also brings serenity to the present.

· We work to put together corporate and fiduciary structures that protect the family assets, both through the decision-making process and tax efficiency.
· We devise family governing and education procedures.
· We train and collaborate with the next generation so they can take over management and actively participate as stakeholders in their companies.
· We act as “facilitators” in family reunions.
· We propose solutions tailored to the business and family needs and aimed to protect their assets.

Broadening personal and professional horizons requires being able to rely on specific advice and dependable support.

At BY Partners we possess the experience and vision necessary to back our clients in their search for new investment, funding and strategic partnerships alternatives.

(acquisitions, partnerships, sales and financing)

We promote and support our clients’ entrepreneurial spirit. From structuring and executing asset transactions—acquisitions, sales, mergers, joint ventures and spin-offs—to searching private investors that inject the funds to allow business development, we supply inventivesolutions to face the challenge of strengthening their position and increasing their wealth.

· We perform strategic analyses of every business and every sector.
· We select potencial buyers, sellers, partners or private investors.
· We define negotiating and structuring strategies for each project.
· We offer integral assistance in the due diligence process, that includes valuations, synergies and handling of financial, legal and fiscal matters.
· We actively participate in the final negotiation and closing documents.


Efficient management of high net-worth households demands an integral and flexible approach to face the challenges that the different regulations around the world present, ever more dynamic and intricate. To this end, we provide legal and fiscal consulting services in line with our clients’ needs, services we enhance with an international focus that is unique in the market.

· We elaborate fiscal plans.
· We design fiscally efficient investment structures, both at local and international levels.
· We develop strategies to protect specific assets.
· We assist in preparation for estate taxes.

Your wealth sustainability depends on its management today. At BY Partners we work to increase asset value, maximise profits and solidify your well-being and your family’s.

Having a profound understanding of our clients’ expectations allows us to provide efficient management of their financial investments through the assessments and recommendations we elaborate specifically for each case. We do this under the premise of respecting—and encouraging—their autonomy: beyond our administration and consulting, the final decision and control over financial assets remain always in the hands of the family.

· We offer a vision that combines the financial aspects with the estimate of the potential fiscal impact of investments.
· We plan a strategic short- and long-term asset and cash flow allocation so they are not subject to market volatility.
· We work with international first-class banking and financial institutions.
· We evaluate fees and emoluments of the financial institutions our clients work with, and we negotiate ameliorations to the contract conditions.


We work alongside each family during the different stages of any transaction regarding their real estate assets, both through project evaluation, as well as acquisitions, sales and the search for funding.

· We offer a network of professionals at the domestic and international levels that enables us to evaluate and advise on the better options for the family’s property portfolio.
· We structure corporate or fiduciary vehicles to hold real estate assets and their related projects.
· We have in place agreements with first-class international developers on an array of locations: Buenos Aires, New York, Miami, Boston, Madrid, Barcelona and Punta del Este, among others.


We rely on an excellent team, to which every family can delegate the professional tasks that their wealth management demands. However, we bet on clients being actively involved in managing their assets. That is why we provide the services necessary for them to closely monitor their investments and obtain reliable performance assessments to help them in the decision-making process.

· We participate in elaborating the annual balancing of the financial portfolio to make sure the predefined strategies are respected.
· We structure the monthly and annual cash flows and we analyse any diversions.
· We elaborate five-year financial plans to better visualise the strategy for the longer term.
· We offer support for all back office activities (elaboration of income tax returns, profitability reports, etc.).

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